The Ginger

Mara photo for blog

I grew up on a small pig farm in Southeastern Wisconsin and got involved in the dairy industry while I was in high school working on a local farm. In the words of a fellow blogger, pigs were my gateway drug to cows.

I’m highly opinionated and usually highly caffeinated. I don’t put up with purposeful stupidity, intolerance and disrespect. So if you comment on something, be professional.

Posts will range from recipes, farm living, agvocacy, pretty Jersey cows, tattoos (I have one of The Jersey) coffee, and random thoughts or rants.

The Jersey

photo (3) copyMeet Arethusa Primetime Vonda-ET EX92. She is my girl. I own half of her…but I have to share with Frank. She comes from a spectacular family and is my show brat, meaning this girl LOVES the show life. Everything about it. Mainly because she loves getting prettied up and paraded around. There will be a few stories about her and her friends in the barn, maybe even some of her Holstein friends.


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