I never wanted to be a Wife.

I hate the term “wife.” Another good one by Dairy Carrie.

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

dairy towels drying on the line.

Some little girls grow up dreaming of being someone’s Wife. That wasn’t me.

To be fair, I also didn’t grow up dreaming of being a dairy farmer.

Veterinarian, Ballerina, Barrel Racer, Interpreter for the Deaf… Those were all things I thought I would be when I “grew up”. Turns out that I hate studying and homework, look horrible in a leotard, have zero balance and can’t shut up long enough with my own thoughts to be responsible for communicating someone else’s ideas. There were other careers along the way, but one that never crossed my mind was Wife.

Not dreaming about being a Wife doesn’t mean that I never wanted to get married, being married has always been something that I knew I wanted. To me being married meant that I had found my partner in life. Hubs and I have been partners for 11 years, he’s been my husband…

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